Allergies and Cairn Terriers

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Dog Allergies 101


Cairn Terriers from responsible breeders are not "prone to" or "known for" skin or allergy problems.  However, we hear from people across the country, most of whom have purchased Cairns from "indiscriminate" breeders or pet stores, asking for advice.  


If you have a dog with skin/coat, allergy or ear problems, begin by:

  • Ask your breeder if other dogs have had problems and how they were treated
  • See your regular veterinarian
  • Follow-up with a visit to a veterinary dermatologist

Your dog could be reacting to anything from flea bites, outside vegetation, carpet fibers, soap used to wash his bedding to soap or sprays the groomer uses to name a few.   Worse case scenario, he could have an auto immune disorder.  A veterinary dermatologist, working in conjunction with your regular veterinarian, are better equipped to help you get to the source of the problem and treat it.  


Don't assume your dog's food is the culprit, especially if you are feeding a premium food.

Note that premium foods are not sold through grocery or discount stores.


Allergies and Food Studies reveal, and many veterinary dermatologists believe, that only 10 percent of allergic reactions in pets are to food.  However, pets can react to additives in the food and preservatives, hormones and insecticides that exist in the ingredients.  For this reason, we feel it is important for owners of problematic dogs to find a BALANCED premium food from a manufacturer sensitive to its ingredient sources. Don't be influenced by dog food manufacturers claims that their dog food eliminates or prevents allergic reactions or skin disorders.  Many veterinarian dermatologists are outraged with such claims because, unless your dog requires avoidance of specific dietary items like proteins or grains, the imbalance could have a detrimental long-term affect on your pet's health.  Don't feed the special "vegetarian" or "bison" diets unless specifically recommended by your vegetarian.



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